Time to finish reading all my unread Kindle books

Books that I have read and ones to complete

Time to finish reading all my unread Kindle books

I've finally decided to read all my unread books in my Kindle library.

Over time I have bought books from the Kindle store but either life got in the way or I picked up another book. Now a number of books remain unread in my library. This year I have made some serious inroads into finishing these unread books and getting back to square one.

The first thing I did was clean up the library in the Kindle. I found the Manage Your Content and Devices section on the Amazon website and decided to do a bit of spring clean. I deleted any books that I was never going to read and then I created two collections Read and Unread. That way I was able to easily see my task at hand. *shortly after I wrote this Amazon released a their own filter based on same concept.

The Books I have read in my Kindle Library

Books that remian unread in my Kindle Library