Moving to a new domain

Sydney Opera House
Photo by Iliya Jokic / Unsplash

This is my second domain move and I am going to stick to it for a while. I finally found my little corner of the internet. My previous domain was not appealing to me enough compared to a new .au domain. I was able to get my name .au domain and I feel that I have a much better connection to it than the .io domain.

The .io domain is short for the Indian Ocean but it is used extensively in the start-up scene as I/O is short for input-output which is why it's popular with developers.

However, the new .au is perfect for me. Au signifies Australia, where I have spent most of my life, this country has shaped me into the person I am today. All my good and bad memories have been shaped by Australia, its people, culture and ideas. AU is also the chemical symbol for gold, which is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

However, the new Top-Level Domain names have no significant value compared to the .com domains, they appeal to me because you can now finally get the domain name you want.

I also moved to a new domain as has updated their headless CMS to Ghost 5.0, this gave me the motivation to do a clean install on a new Digital Ocean droplet. The migration process was rather painless other than the issue of self-hosted images

There is also the issue of spam filters that I have had in the past. If you do want to use it as an email address Gmail tends to send it to the spam folder. Not sure how I can resolve this issue other than to become a trusted e-mail domain. This is unlikely to happen as ISPs block most new top-level domain names. I accept that this might happen and take the good with the bad.

But other than that I will have to go back to my old posts and add images where they are missing. There is no way to import images that have been uploaded to your server. The takeaway from this is that I should only post images that are online and have a hyperlink.

I still have not configured Cloudflare to be Full (strict), which encrypts end-to-end. This requires a trusted CA or Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server which is a bit of a task to set up.

I will have to learn Markdown syntax a bit better as it's the key to really well-formatted text in Ghost

I'm happy with the outcome so far and there will be more to come in regards to setting up Ghost with Cloudflare.