Curriculum Vitae


As a Microsoft Data & Analytics consultant at Revenite, I successfully collaborate with various clients to develop data-driven solutions tailored to their unique needs. I employ my expertise in Azure services, Power BI, and SQL to manage data pipelines, create insightful dashboards, and optimize cloud-based systems. In addition to providing training and support, I foster strong relationships with clients, ensuring clear communication and a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Prior to Revenite, I built an impressive skillset in various roles, including a Business Intelligence Analyst at IA Design, where I led digital transformation initiatives, automated ETL pipelines, and created dashboards for key stakeholders. As a Web Developer, I contributed to the growth of IA Design's online presence by developing and managing their website. At GeoConsult, I began my career as a Geologist, conducting geotechnical and geological data logging, managing databases, and ensuring compliance with relevant safety regulations. Throughout these roles, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to accuracy, quality, and innovation.


In my role as a Microsoft Data & Analytics consultant at Revenite, I partner with clients across various industries to unlock the potential of their data and drive informed decision-making. My responsibilities and contributions include:

  • Collaborating with clients to understand their business needs, goals, and pain points, translating them into data-driven solutions.
  • Leading project planning and managing resources, timelines, and budgets to ensure successful delivery of Power BI reporting solutions.
  • Developing and implementing tailored Power BI dashboards and reports to meet the unique requirements of each client.
  • Leveraging Azure Databricks for big data processing, including development of PySpark and Python scripts for data transformation and aggregation.
  • Advising clients on best practices in data governance, data quality, and data security to promote a scalable and well-managed data estate.
  • Administering and optimizing Azure cloud-based systems, ensuring high performance, availability, and security for clients' data infrastructure
  • Utilizing Azure Data Factory (ADF) to deploy and manage data pipelines for efficient data ingestion and integration across various data sources.
  • Demonstrating strong expertise in SQL for database querying, data manipulation, and performance optimization
  • Providing training and support to client teams, enabling them to effectively utilize Power BI tools and resources for ongoing analytics tasks.
  • Implementing Azure monitoring solutions, such as Azure Monitor, to proactively detect, diagnose, and resolve issues within the Azure infrastructure.
  • Building strong, long-lasting relationships with clients, ensuring clear and open communication, and fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving

Throughout my tenure at Revenite, I have been instrumental in driving successful data and analytics projects, empowering organizations to make data-backed decisions and unlock new growth opportunities.

IA Design

Business Intelligence Analyst 💡

  • Spearheaded digital transformation and self-serve BI initiatives at IA with a primary focus on Microsoft BI products.
  • Headed and coordinated the finance and IT departments to transform and analyse CRM, financial, HR and IT data.
  • Automated ETL pipelines for Xero, WorkflowMAX, Google Analytics and Employment Hero into a single data warehouse repository.
  • Created a single repository for orphaned or archived company data in .csv format.
  • Analyzed 10 years of worth of CRM data with a combined value of $110 million and created forecasts to predict future revenue growth in segmented markets.
  • Created dashboards for major stakeholders in the company including the CEO, CFO and Regional Directors.
  • Created weekly e-mailed time reports for 70 staff covering time spent on projects.
  • Ensure the quality of analysis and data accuracy and demonstrated results to end users.
  • Worked with a third party (SyncHub) to improve the CRM connector.
  • Worked in an Agile teams to rollout new technologies to IA. Including Virtual Reality for employees and clients and rolled out Microsoft Teams solution for calling, collaboration conferencing.

Web Developer 🌐

Brand development, web site traffic growth, website development for Developing brand awareness through digital channels. Working team to migrate the current WordPress website to Webflow.

  • Changing websites back-end architecture from shared host to virtual server
  • Procurement of domain name.
  • Migration of domain names.
  • WordPress Administrator
  • Webflow Administrator
  • Google My Business Administrator
  • Google Analytics Administrator


Geologist ⚒️

  • Conducted detailed geotechnical & geological data logging in open cut coal mine.
  • Undertook team management by creating FIFO rosters.
  • Coached/tutored team members, helping them achieve competency in geological and geotechnical logging.
  • Performed coal seam gas testing in an underground coal mine.
  • Organized drill pad preparation & inspection.
  • Managed geological databases using the principles and importance of data QA/QC.
  • Wrote detailed reports for the senior project manager and resource geologist.
  • Followed relevant safety, health, environmental, cultural heritage and tenure legislation.
  • Demonstrated competency in safety and health management systems SOPs/SWPs.

University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Science (Geology) 📖