Typing Fast (Part 1)

Typing Fast (Part 1)
Photo by Avel Chuklanov / Unsplash

Last year I decided to learn how to type fast, I started in November and I was doing well until December, remembering to complete a training every day. In December I was going through a time when I had a number of new things happening in my life. I was completing a number of interviews for a new job and I was also extremely busy with a project completing a VR showcase in SketchUp and this stopped me from doing any new training.

I'm using an online training program called Typing Pal. I searched for a number of programs and this was truly the only one that I could find. It has some great tools to enable you to learn the skill of touch typing and then to level up.

I'm trying to get to 80 words and 95% accuracy per minute by the end of the year. I decided on strategy that I think will work

Considering my initial test speed of 31 WPM and 93% accuracy words per minute, I am hoping for a 3x improvement in one year. If I reach 2x improvement that would be a good achievement as well in a year.

The stratagy is:

  • 20 mins of training in Typing Pal
  • Write 200 words or more on my blog